Customer loyalty program Terms and Conditions

Description of LiberSave platform loyalty program

Libersave platform (“Platform” or “We”) offers any customer, who is buying goods\services from the merchant for its coupons (“Customer” or “You”) the opportunity to participate in its loyalty program (the “Program”). We reserve the right to amend or terminate the Program at any time, for any reason.

We reserve the right to modify or amend at any time the present Terms and Conditions and/or the description of LiberSave platform loyalty program.

The Customer may not participate in the Program in case it is prohibited for him by any applicable law or regulation.

We reserve the right to disqualify any Customer from participation in the Program at any time at our sole discretion, including without limitation if he/she does not comply with any of Platform Terms and Conditions or otherwise fails to comply with any applicable laws.

Loyalty program generally

With respect to Customers helping the Platform to grow, the Platform introduces a loyalty program.

The platform’s financial model in accordance with service agreements implies the payment of merchant coupons by the merchant in equal shares to the customer (in the form of cashback) and the operator of the platform (in the form of payment for its services).

For Customers contributing to the Platform’s growth, the Platform offers additional cashback.

The default cashback multiplicator value is 1x and the maximal value is 2x dependent on the number of bonus points - LiberSave coupons (hereinafter “LBRSV coupons”) held by the Customer. To reach a maximum cashback multiplier the Customer must collect on its account 50 000 LBRSV coupons measured as the equivalent of 500 Euros. Based on this, every full 5 euros at the Customer’s account gives an additional 0.01 to the cashback multiplier.

Every Customer starts with a 10 Euro balance of LBRSV coupons as a gift for registration and has two ways to collect more LBRSV coupons.

  1. The first way is a direct donation of money in any amount of Euros to the Platform operator and receipt of LBRSV coupons. The receipt of the LBRSV coupons represents gratitude for the donation.
  2. The second way is referral customer acquisition (Referral Program). In this case, the Customer receives a reward measured in LBRSV coupons (hereinafter “Reward”) for each invited and qualified new Customer. The terms of the Referral Program are listed below.

Referral Program

Referral Program participation

To participate in the Referral Program, the Customers (hereinafter – “Referrers”, or, singly, a “Referrer”) should visit the rewards section of their account and follow the on-screen instructions to refer the third parties to the Program by sharing its unique link.

The Customers who receive a referral via a Referrer are “Referrals” (or, singly, a “Referral”). Such Customer may receive Reward(s) for every “Qualified Referral” (all terms in quotes to be understood as defined below).

Making a Referral

Every Referrer receives a unique personal link that is shown in the Rewards section of his account to invite new Customers-Referrals. This link can be shared through social networks, messengers, or any other way. Every Referral will be linked with inviting the Customer’s – Referrer’s profile.

Referrers cannot refer themselves. For example, a Referrer may not create multiple or fake accounts with the Platform or participate in the program using multiple or fake email addresses or identities.

Qualified Referrals

Every Referral must be qualified before Referrer can receive a Reward. To be qualified the Referral shall meet at least one of the following conditions: to make a donation to the Platform operator or to invite and qualify the new Customer to the Platform Reward.

Earning Rewards

The amount of the Referrer’s Reward depends on the total amount of qualified Customers-Referrals that were invited by the Referrer. For the first five (from 1 to 5) qualified Referrals Referrer’s reward amount is 30€, for the next five (from 6 to 10) qualified Referrals Referer’s reward amount is 20€ and for each next qualified Referral (more than 10) Referrer’s reward amount is 10€.

The Reward is measured in the LBRSV coupons, which are accrued at the Referrer’s account at least once a day. Reward is subject to verification. The Platform may delay Reward for the purposes of investigation.

The Platform may also refuse to verify and process any transaction Platform deems, in its sole discretion, to be fraudulent, suspicious, in violation of the Platform terms and conditions, or believes will impose potential liability of the Platform, its subsidiaries, affiliates, or any of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, and agents.

All of the Platform decisions are final and binding, including decisions as to whether a Qualified Referral or Reward is verified.

Upon termination of the referral program or any portion thereof for any reason, any unredeemed Reward that has not yet been used by the Referrer is forfeited.