General features

Mainpage: Accounts & Balances

On the app mainpage you find information about your accounts and balances:

  • your wallets. Coupons from different issuers are stored in different wallets.

  • your available coupons on each wallet and their equivalent in EUR.

  • your total balance in EUR


Give custom names to your wallets



Merchants list

Main menu -> Merchants

In this section you find the list of all members of the platform and can look through their offers.

Overview of your payment activities

Main menu -> Statement

In this section you will find all your selected wallet transactions:

  • purchases of coupons
  • payments to merchants
  • transfers of coupons to other customers
  • transfers of coupons from other customers
  • cashback
  • refunds etc.


You can easily download your Statement to your computer.


View your profile details

Main menu -> Settings


Main menu -> Accounts -> Account Settings


you can consult your profile details.


Protect your account

Main menu -> Settings -> Security


Main menu -> Accounts -> Account Settings -> Security


To increase security of your account, we use two-step confirmation of operations. You have 2 options to confirm your actions:

  • phone verification: you will receive confirmation codes via sms

  • Google authentificator: set the Google authentificator and generate confirmation codes in the app

For further improvement of your account’s security, you can restrict IP addresses access.