LiberSave - new insight into coupons

We have created a versatile coupon management environment where all participants are gathered on a single platform. Issue your coupons and sell your products and services. Buy coupons and avail yourself of discounts and special offers.

For users

Pay your purchases with coupons and get instant cashback on each purchase.

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For merchants

Issue coupons and attract new clients for your business.

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Our strengths

Convenient for users

Instead of dozens of discount cards and vouchers, all you need is a smartphone. All the merchants’ offers are gathered in a single handy app with the catalogue of online shops and the map of offline stores.

Simple for merchants

No special equipment is necessary, only a smartphone or a tablet is needed to use the platform. Issue your coupons in a few minutes. You can receive coupons both in online shops and in offline sales points.

Sustainable approach

LiberSave’s ethos towards a sustainable future are shown through our distribution of coupons. As opposed to paper vouchers or plastic cards, our coupons are digitised - they come with no manufacturing, distribution or accounting costs.

Platform services and guaranties

  • We provide software and marketing tools
  • We ensure technical and legal support of all of the processes
  • We act as an arbitrator in case of any dispute among platform participants
  • We guarantee mutual settlements and correct execution of payment transactions and cashback payments

Who we are

The LiberSave platform is developed by the IT-Technologie A.V. GmbH, member of the Fintech Ideas group.

The Fintech Ideas group integrates diverse finchech, marketing and media projects. It currently has over 200 employees in 9 offices across the world, with the headquarter in Berlin.

The diversification within the employee portfolio - from fintech development to marketing projects - allows the team to successfully execute the envisioned business ideas into successfully running platforms.

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IT-Technologie A.V. GmbH